Our team at Red Adventures Croatia is a group of free-spirited and dynamic people with unified passion for adventure and love for the outdoors.

Our biggest value are the experienced and talented people, outstanding guides and nature lovers enjoying what they do: sharing their passion, love and knowledge with our guests and friends!


Our tours are designed for people who want to relax, enjoy and discover Croatian culture, nature and history while being active and having fun. Of course, always with the special attention to safety!

Our focus is on small groups and customized tours, making sure that our customer’s “dream adventure” comes true! You will feel fully personal approach all the way from the first contact, booking and the tour itself. For each customer, we provide the service and develop the perfect product making sure that each wish, need and interest are fulfilled! Even during the tour, we leave the freedom to our guests to modify and adjust the tours to their dreams, wishes and desires!


Our main goal is the perfection in offering top quality services and best equipment with the focus on the safety of our customers

We are proud on our experience and extremely positive feedback from hundreds of our customers in the past years and eager to improve and offer even better in the future. Our amazing story is going further and every day we are working on improvement, growth but also developing new ideas and turning them into new amazing products!


We are promoting the “slow tourism”, allowing you deeper experience, stronger emotional involvement and  relaxation. We will always “go slow” so you can relax and enjoy your adventure to the maximum!

The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast and you miss all you are travelling for.

Louis L’Amour

After all, Croatian coast is well known by its slow Mediterranean lifestyle, called “fjaka”. And we too live it, enjoy it and preach it!


One of our missions is connect you with the “real” Croatia:  to dive into the authentic and unique culture and local traditions, taking you off the beaten track where the regular tourists do not go; meeting the locals; experiencing the best and unique cuisine Croatia offers; getting to know the local history, culture and the lifestyle. With us on the tour, you will live like a local, eat and drink like a local and FEEL like a local!


We offer sustainable and responsible tours. Our small groups are an essential part of the concept of ecotourism, allowing us to travel softly having less impact on our surroundings. We use vehicles only when unavoidable and always encourage use of our feet and hands as tools and transport whenever possible.

We support local communities, and we do what we can to ensure that the heritage that will be given to our children may be something we are proud of.

We truly hope to have you with us on our tours and give you unforgettable memories on your time spend in our gorgeous country!