Kayak rent croatia - single sit in canoe
Rental price:
1 Day 45 €
7 Days 189 € (daily 27 €)
14 Days 280 € (daily 20 €)
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If you are looking for high performance kayak for a multi-day expedition, easy cruising trip down the coast or just one-day training, this is the type of kayak for you. We offer Prijon kayaks made in Germany and known for exceptional quality and versatility. Firstly, these superb boats offer outstanding speed and stability. Secondly, their exceptional design provide fantastic performance, handling and comfort on open sea and rough waters. Finally, they have high capacity storage compartments and comfortable ergonomic seat allowing you autonomy and more time on the sea. We offer Prijon single kayak models Seayak, Seayak HV, Seayak LV, Grizzly, and Kodiak for rent in Croatia. Please click HERE for more details on specific Prijon kayak models.


Kayak rent croatia - Double sit-in kayak
Just as a single touring kayak, it is ideal for multi-day expeditions and easy cruising trips. However, with a tandem kayak, you can share the experience with your friend, partner, or family member. Moreover, tandem kayaks are a great option when doing the tour with someone of unequal physical fitness level. A double kayak is the same length as most single touring kayaks. In addition, its slim shape and pronounced keel lines at the bow and stern offer great tracking and better traveling speed. Moreover, a comfortable seating system is suitable for longer distances and more time on the sea. Due to all the above, double kayaks are primarily suited for tours on open water and along the coast which requires a boat that keeps on track and has easy running abilities. We offer Prijon Poseidon kayak model for rent in Croatia. Click HERE for more details on Prijon Poseidon kayak model.
Rental price:
1 Day 60 €
7 Days 260 € (daily 37 €)
14 Days 400 € (daily 28 €)
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Kayak rent Croatia - sit on top canoe
Rental price:
1 Day 50 €
7 Days 150 € (daily 21 €)
14 Days 250 € (daily 18 €)
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Sit on top kayaks are ideal for those looking for a fun, easy, and safe time on the sea. Above all, are extremely user-friendly as they have great stability and are very easy to get in and out from kayak. Therefore, they are unavoidable holiday toys for couples, groups of friends, families, youngsters, and everyone else while enjoying your days on the beach, yacht, or lake. Our Perception Gemini Scooter canoes offer you great comfort due to specially designed seating that is easily adjustable and breathable. Finally, come with two paddles, two life jackets, and a dry bag. Contact us for more information on renting this kayak in Croatia.

KAYAKING GEAR (included in above price)

For touring kayaks, each paddler is provided with a personal pack (PFD vest, paddle, spray deck, dry bags) while a group is provided with a spare paddle, water pump, first aid kit, tow rope, emergency signal. Each recreational kayak comes with: life vests, paddles, and a dry bag.


The above prices are for pickup in the town of Split. Delivery is possible all around Croatia and subject to an additional fee. Please contact us for exact fees.