If you are a sea kayaking lover, certainly it is time to explore the still unexplored kayak heaven of Croatia. With its 1185 islands, islets, and reefs, the Croatian coastline is without a doubt among the most impressive coastlines in Europe.

Enjoy undoubtedly stunning nature and paddle under imposing cliffs and caves. Discover stunning secluded beaches and dive into the turquoise blue sea. Explore the impressive history of the islands. Witness the remaining powerful  Roman empire & especially the Venetian rule. Check out Austrian architecture and the undeniable influence of the French during Napoleon’s rule.

Sea kayaking opportunities in Croatia

Kayaking in Croatia is a rather safe activity. With mild sea temperatures during winter and very pleasant in the summer months. Tides are practically minor, and no tidal planning is needed.

Having mild winters, pleasant springs & autumn and hot summers Sea kayaking in Croatia is an activity possible to enjoy the whole year long!

However, the best season for sea kayaking in Croatia is considered to be from April to October. Nevertheless, months from November till March can be quite fun and challenging but it’s only recommendable for expert kayakers.

Red Adventures offer

Red Adventures organizes guided and self-guided multi-day tours and rentals all across Croatia.

We have best quality kayak fleet yearly renewed and maintained. We also offer supporting gear such as PFD (life vest), carbon paddles, tow line, pump, spray skirt, first aid, torch, camping gear, etc.

Vans to support you during the tour or to logistically help you organize kayak rental or self-guided trip.

Best staff and guides that will make sure your kayaking holiday goes smooth and trouble-free.

Choose one of our kayaking tours below and find out why so many clients are coming back year after year to discover another hidden part of Croatia’s coastline with us!

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