Hiking & Walking

Our mountains are rugged and beautiful, they offer great trails and landscape with most amazing views. Red Adventures Croatia offers single day trips on different mountains with different difficulty levels so you can choose one that is up to your limit. In addition to our regular hikes on Marjan, Mosor and Kozjak, we organize private hiking tours to Northern Velebit National Park, Nature Park Biokovo etc.

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Velebit Mountain Trail

Velebit to Croatians is what Himalaya is to Nepalese people. This is Croatia's most impressive mountain and probably the last wild life resort in this part of Europe. While walking trails of Velebit …

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Coastal Hiking Adventure

Mosor and Biokovo are mountains that will thrill you with its wild karst landscape, ridge paths and beautiful views, abandoned shepherds' cottages, and beautiful mountain lodge located between silver fir …