Majestic Velebit Mountain | 5 days

Explore majestic Velebit mountain while hiking in Croatia | 2 National parks, 1 Strict nature reserve, Manita pec cave and 2nd highest Croatian peak!

Price from: 450


A true hiking experience taking you deep into the wild and exploring the hart of Velebit mountain. Basic accommodation and traditional food. Daily activities from 4-7 hours with just a daily backpack!

Tour Summary

Hiking in Croatia has surely plenty to offer. Between many areas with great hiking routes, we decided to organise a tour on stunning Velebit Mountain. This mountain is to Croatians same as Himalaya to Nepalis or Olympus to Greeks. It is a mystical mountain full of natural wonders and wildlife. Generally evoking admiration, respect, beauty and much more. Amazing diversity, powerful appearance, unbreakable bondage with Adriatic sea at its foot make Velebit special and unique. It’s still lonesome without hordes of people, no crowded paths just peace and wilderness. You will find Velebit as one of the last world’s undiscovered natural treasures. Biological diversity, geological structure, wildlife and amazing nature with unforgettable views of the coast are just some of the reasons why you should visit this mountain. With its two national parks, North Velebit and Paklenica, Velebit mountain is surely a great hiking destination in Croatia.



This 5-day multiday tour will certainly take you to the best hiking places Velebit and Croatia have to offer. Moreover, you will visit 2 national parks, 1 strict nature reserve, a big cave and many other beautiful places. However, the biggest highlight of the tour is that all off these places are low visited and is very unlikely we will meet many people,

During the tour, most of our time we travel light. The exception is just the last two days when just part of the route you need to take one overnight luggage.  Transfers are done on just two days to take us between different areas of the mountain.

Overnights are in mountain lodges with 4 – 6 bed bedrooms. Private bedrooms are possible with surcharge.  Breakfasts and dinners are provided in the mountain lodges. Day snacks are on your own, however, guides can help you with supply before and during the tour.

Red Adventures professional and friendly guides will be there to lead the way and take care of you during the whole time of the trip.

Click on the blue map area you wish to explore.

Day 1 North Velebit National Park - Zavizan

The first day we will meet you at the agreed point at Split or Zadar town and transfer you to Zavižan Mountain hut. From there our 5-day adventure will begin. After accommodating into the hut we will have a detailed briefing and team introduction accompanied with welcome drink and snacks. The first-day hike will be used to familiarize with the area. We will climb up one of the mountain paths that lead to the surrounding peaks – lookout points – you will be rewarded by spectacular views of the Kvarner islands and Lika. If time allows we are going to visit “Velebit Botanical garden ”, established in 1967. The garden treasures all  Velebit’s wealth of plant life and makes it accessible not only to scientists, explorers and passionate mountaineers but to all visitors of north Velebit as well. Today, the Garden is home to some 300 plant species, some growing wild and others brought in from other parts of Velebit, including some rare indigenous species.


  • Distance: 4-8 km
  • Overnight: Mountain hut Zavizan
  • Meals: Dinner
Day 2Hajducki & Rozanski kukovi

This day we will hike through the best hiking area of Croatia, karst forms of Rožanski and Hadućki kukovi. It’s an endless range of rocky peaks with diverse and bizarre forms of up to 200 metres hight. They are situated in the very centre of the national park. Amazing rocky landscape are protected as a strictly regulated reserve, which is the strictest form of nature protection in the country. Despite the harsh and hostile rock-bound wilderness, in the 1930s a trail was masterfully built through the Rožanski kukovi by an engineer Ante Premužić, a dedicated lover of Velebit after whom the trail was named. The Premužić trail is considered to be the most beautiful hiking trail in Croatia. It is also known as the one that offers, even to those of modest physical condition, an opportunity to walk safely along the edges of massive cliffs and precipitous abysses. From the trail one can enjoy wonderful views of the Adriatic sea and islands.

  • Distance: 15 -20 km / 500 – 800m uphil
  • Overnight:  Mountain home Zavizan
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 3Dabarski kukovi

After early breakfast, we will have a 2hour transfer to the central part of Velebit called Baške Ošterije. This saddle is the place where north and south Velebit meets. The centre of mountain tourism and the main mountaineering starting point on Velebit. After a transfer we will start to explore Dabarski kukovi . This is a range of sharp rocky peaks. They immerge from the green woods of Dabar and from grass sinkholes. They stretch in parallel with the Adriatic coast. Along their north-eastern bottom there are a number of vast karst valleys, three of these being the largest and best known as “dabri” and two other significant ones as “dulibe” (old Slavic names for deep wooded valleys between high cliffs).

An important point to visit is Dabarski Kukovi mountain lodge in Ravni Dabar, where we will find refreshment.

  • Distance: 15 km / 600m uphill
  • Overnight: Mountain house Prpa
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4Paklenica National Park

After a one hour transfer we will reach Paklenica National park. Paklenica due to its unique natural features, magnificent forests and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, was proclaimed a national park in 1949. This great natural jewel of north Dalmatia covers the most attractive parts of the southern Velebit. Its most striking features are two forbidding gorges – Velika and Mala Paklenica and the highest peaks of the Velebit Mountain – Vaganski (1752 m) and Sveto brdo (1753 m).

The park abounds with peculiar karstic forms, caves and other natural features while due to its climate conditions, lush variety of flora and fauna has been preserved.

Our hike starts at Velika Paklenica canyon which is known for its “wilderness” and intact nature. Besides lots of rock climbers in the start you will see humungous Anica Wall where you can enjoy a view on multi-pitch climbers trying to ascend this 400m high vertical cliff. After passing spectacular Anica kuk we will start to enjoy a pleasant hike through the forest till the Manita pec cave. With its broad chambers and the beauty of its speleothems have been enchanting visitors since 1937, when the trail inside the cave was set up and visits began. The most frequent types of speleothems that you will find in Manita Pec are stalagmites, stalactites, columns and flowstones (cascading rimstone dams).

After the cave we will start our climb to Ramica village where our friendly hosts will take care of us in this abandoned village. On the menu for the farewell dinner you will get to experience traditional disk called Peka (or similar traditional dish). It’s a meal prepared with hot coal which is put on the metal lid. Surly a perfect last dinner!

  • Distance: 8-10km / 300-500m uphill
  • Overnight: Ramica Mountain hut
  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 5 Vaganski Vrh

Last day of our adventure we will a spectacular climb to the highest peak of Velebit mountain. Being already on the half of the way we start from a decent altitude and walking light leaving all heavy gear at the hut. Who feels of skipping the activity can take a free morning and relax at the hut area enjoying surrounding nature.  When we reach the Vaganski peak we will enjoy a stunning view for some time and take a well-deserved rest. Our descent to the Hut will take us through the oak and pine forest which will make our way pleasant and enjoyable. After reunion at the hut, we all continue towards Velika Paklenica canyon. In Velika Paklenica, our 5-day adventure will come to an end. Before we all leave we will treat our self with a beer at Zvonko, legendary mountaineering bar.

  • Difficulty: 16km with 1300m uphill (Alternative: 7km with 100 m uphill)
  • Meals: Breakfast